blog: 100% success rate on planning appeals continues…

We are pleased that our recent planning appeal for an attractive house extension in Baildon, near Bradford, was successful, and that our planning appeal success rate over the last few years remains at 100%. That said, it is fairly infrequent that we find ourselves lodging planning appeals, which is largely due to our diligent approach in terms of obtaining as much planning feedback as we can, before submitting any planning applications. However, the field of planning can be a very grey and subjective area, and is often left open to interpretation, which means that occasionally, initial planning feedback can be contradictory to a final decision, although this only really tends to happen on more complex, or controversial schemes, and is almost always eventually resolved in the form of a planning approval of some sort.

It is pleasing to see the above mentioned Baildon project now progressing well on site, which we plan to feature in our “extensions” section of the project pages in the coming weeks.

We deal with dozens upon dozens of planning applications, of all varieties, and in various local authorities each year, so we would be more than happy to discuss becoming involved in any troublesome planning applications, re-submissions, or planning appeals and would be more than happy to offer some free initial advice before being appointed on such projects…..

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