blog: large ICF extension & refurbishment in Ilkley gets underway…

One of our recent architectural commissions, which we have now received planning and building control consent for, in Ben Rhydding, near Ilkley, has recently commenced on site. The proposal is for a large two storey side extension (three storey if the mezzanine floor above the bedroom is to be included) along with a large, full-width, single-storey rear extension, and will be constructed using ICF (insulated concrete formwork).

The rear of the existing property in Ben Rhydding with the ICF walls taking shape.

The ICF structure is formed using hollow polystyrene blocks, which slot together very much like LEGO. The blocks are built up in staggered courses, in a similar arrangement to bricks, with the voids between the blocks being filled with concrete and reinforced steel bars. The ICF, on this occassion, is being supplied by an Irish company called Thermo House, with whom we liaised closely during the detailed design stage. We were impressed with how versatile this product is, and that it can be faced, or clad, with a number of materials. On this project we will be using a combination of render and brick tiles to match the existing brickwork, which will be adhered to the ICF formwork at low level.

The ICF formwork being filled with concrete and steel reinforcement at regular intervals

With the progression of building materials and technology, we expect to be using this system more and more in the future. As a comparrison with traditional blockwork and masonry, it is far superior in terms of it’s thermal value, speed of construction, the internal environment it creates, minimising of condensation, elimination of draughts, structural integrity, and it is generally guaranteed for 60 years.

We’ll keep our blog updated on progress over the coming weeks….

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