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More and more people are deciding to extend or renovate their homes these days, rather than going to the trouble of upping sticks and moving house. If you are planning on building and extension, or renovating your home, here are some tips on how to make the whole process easier and less stressful.

Stick to your design

Employing an architect or interior designer to assist with your project will enable your requirements to be imaginatively and accurately interpreted. People often commence an extension or renovation project without a proper design, and this can result in additional cost in the long run, and potentially undoing some of the work along the way. Architectural, design and planning input will minimise this risk, and may also add that extra bit of magic you are seeking.

Start with a budget

Establishing an overall project budget is vital. Your architect or interior designer will then be able to design a bespoke solution, tailor made to your budgetry requirements. Without establishing a budget it is difficult to establish a fixed design, and time, money and energy could end up being wasted on a design which ends up being unsuitable.

Create a timeframe

If you need to obtain planning permission, it will no doubt add a few months of time to your project. Obtaining architectural services should help the planning process massively, and will hopefully mean that your planning application is approved at the first time of asking. Even if your project doesn’t require planning permission, the design process and the appointment of a suitable building contractor is not something to be rushed into, and your architect or interior designer will able to provide suitable advice in this respect.

Consult your neighbours

Consulting your neighbours before you start your extension or renovation is always a good idea. Getting neighbours on-side will always help with the planning process, and could prevent objections being lodged which may end up threatening your planning approval.

Seek inspiration

With so many home renovation magazines, TV programmes such as Grand Designs, and websites like Pinterest and Houzz, there’s never been a better time to be inspired. Obtaining inspiration and images will also help you convey your brief to your architect or interior designer.

If you are planning a home extension or renovation project, and you require architectural or interior design services, then why not get in touch via our contact page?

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