Focus on loft conversions

A loft conversion is a fantastic way to add much-needed accommodation to your property. In the majority of cases, loft conversions can be carried out under Permitted Development, which means you don’t have to apply for planning permission. And, in most of those cases, it is possible to create a large dormer in order to further increase your usable floor area. Here at Mash Architecture, we’ve undertaken many dozens of loft conversions over the years, so we’re well experienced to advise you and assist you through such a project.

A bespoke en suite bathroom within the upper floors of a Grade II Listed property in Harrogate, North Yorkshire

As mentioned, many of our architectural commissions have included loft conversions, which generally have some oft-occurring considerations, such as design and placement of stairs, restrictions on headroom and the structural planning of supporting floors. A loft conversion will usually comprise a sound investment as, long term, it is most likely that the additional value it will add to your property will outweigh the cost of the works.

One of our completed loft conversion projects involved the formation of a bespoke en suite bathroom with an onus on maximising the space, particularly with regards to restricted headroom towards the eaves.

If you are considering a project of this nature, then please contact us via our contact form and we’ll be happy to advise. We can guide you through the whole process, from conception to completion.

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