In praise of the hip-to-gable dormer conversion

Much of the housing stock in West Yorkshire consists of semi-detached properties, often built in the 1930s, and with hipped roofs. These houses were built in pairs, usually with a side driveway and a hipped roof (i.e. sloping on 3 sides) to avoid a terracing effect along the street-scene. Whilst this did work to create visual separation between the houses, the problem is that the roofspace isn’t very useful. One of the beneficial aspects of Permitted Development is that most of these houses (providing they’re not in a Conservation Area, and usually they’re not) can be extended significantly without the need for planning permission. Over the years we have carried out many dozens of hip-to-gable dormer conversions, which result in a large, usable bedroom space in a loft where, previously, very little was possible.

A previous hip-to-gable loft conversion project in Leeds.

More often than not, these conversions will also feature the construction of a full-width dormer across the rear of the property in order to create even more space which, again, can normally be carried out under permitted development. It is quite often the case that clients use the loft space as a large master suite, many of which feature an en suite and dressing area. Usually, the only statutory permission required is building control approval, which we routinely obtain for our clients along the production of a detailed set of working drawings as part of our appointment. Often structural steelwork is required, which involves the input of a structural engineer, however, this is also something which we routinely organise for our clients, making the whole process as stress-free as possible.

If carefully done, a hip-to-gable dormer conversion can be an attractive visual addition, as well as providing vital usable floor area. This project was in West Park, Leeds.

A good deal of our architectural commissions have involved these briefs, meaning that we are very experienced to carry out such projects. Our drawing packages pay a lot of attention to detail, including floor finishes, details on tiling etc, sockets, lights, skirting and architrave profiles, and down to finite details such as door handle types, meaning that there really is nothing left unresolved for the builder or client prior to works commencing.

If you are thinking of undertaking a loft conversion, or any other home renovation / extension project, then please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to offer a free no-obligation consultation, followed by a detailed written fee proposal for your project.

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