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Towards the end of 2010 we decided that we would try to promote our skills as building surveyors further, as well as concentrating on architecture and interior design, as this was something that we have a great deal of experience and expertise in. So far during 2011, we have been appointed to carry out a small number of building surveys in Leeds & Bradford and across Yorkshire, which have all been very successful. We have recently been appointed to undertake a full measured survey of the vast Molson Coors Brewery in Tadcaster, near Leeds, with a view to producing detailed Fire Strategy Plans for the whole site. This is something of a mammoth task and has taken up most of our time, and a great deal of energy, during the course of this week. Architecturally, the main brewery, known as “the beast” by the employees of Molson Coors, certainly lived up to it’s name, and has taken some tackling (our distometer has gone through several sets of batteries!)

It has however been a fascinating and educating experience to see a real life brewery in operation during the course of the last few days. Now all we need to do, is draw up our survey. Something which is easier said than done!

The extensive and complex Tower Brewery


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