Blog: Mash to further promote Project Management Services in 2011

As a company with a huge amount of on-site project management experience, for a hugely varied selection of architectural projects, which has been gained under various employees as well as operating as Mash, we will be promoting these services further during the coming months, as we feel that the appointment of our services in a project management capacity (following original architectural input), even on smaller domestic projects, provides the client with much-needed peace of mind, as well as the contractor with a very definite direction on site. Due to varying reasons, some clients don’t feel the need to appoint us in a project management capacity, following the necessary statutory approvals for their works however, we have generally found that the clients who do appoint us in this capacity, are happier overall with the end result on completion of works. We will be offering these services to all clients in the Leeds & Bradford area as a matter of course, and also on projects further afield, if logistically feasible.

We have taken the view that, over the past 18 months, the projects we have been regularly involved in during the construction phase, have generally ran very well, with fewer problems arising on site. In addition to this, the works are generally completed closer to deadlines and budgets and are more in line with the original scope of works. We are currently overseeing the building and fit-out works for a double extension and complete refurbishment of a bungalow in Whitkirk, near Leeds, which is going extremely well so far. (This was following our appointment to provide architectural services in order to obtain planning and building control approvals for the works). The building works are being carried out under a formal JCT building contract, and we are attending site on a regular basis, ensuring any queries or obstacles can be overcome in a timely and efficient manner.

Having any building work carried out can be stressful, particularly for home-owners, and it is our aim to minimise this stress, if at all possible.


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