Planning Appeals

Should you proceed with a planning application and it is refused for any reason, you do have the right to lodge a free appeal to the central Planning Inspectorate in Bristol. From time to time we do encounter the unfortunate scenario of a planning refusal, however, clients should be mindful that, in this event, all is not lost. During 14 years of trading we have undertaken around 1,000 planning applications, with a first-time success (approval) rate of around 95%. Of the applications we have appealed, we have a current success rate of around 57% (the national average is 28%). The question we always ask of ourselves before submitting any application to a local authority is to the effect of how confident we would feel lodging an appeal. If we were not confident, then we would simply not proceed with the application. There are many architects and designers out there who will submit an application knowing full-well that the application is likely to be refused. We consider this to be a short-sighted and dishonest approach to business. Of course, occasionally we will have a planning application refused, as some schemes are difficult to interpret from a subjective planning perspective, although we will always work closely with our client to ensure that we continue to work on their behalf in order to get an eventual approval through. Of the approximately 5% of the 1,000 or so planning applications we have carried out which have been refused, the majority of those have either been upheld on appeal of approved following a resubmission.

Our approach to appeals is to produce a detailed document with a forensic analysis of the planning application, the reasons for refusal and any relevant local or national planning policies which may be relevant to the application. We undertake a detailed cause-and-effect argument using the relevant legalese and this is an approach which has served us and our clients well.

If you have recently had planning permission refused and would like an alternative approach to your application, using fresh eyese to provide a comprehensive and convincing case in favour of your development, then we would be delighted to help. Please do contact us via our contact page and we will be happy to provide you with the relevant free initial consultation.

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