blog: works commence on contemporary new house in East Morton, near Bradford

It’s certainly not much to look at at present, but building works have started on our contemporary new house project in East Morton, near Bradford. The project was featured in our “projects” section, and at some point in the coming months we shall be replacing the artists impressions with actual photographs of the completed building.


Trenches being excavated for the piled foundations

As the site is close to the Leeds and Liverpool canal, and in a prominent position, we expect it will receive a good deal of interest, both during the construction phase, and when completed. Following our successful planning application via Bradford Council, our client is naturally anxious to progress with works as swiftly as possible, and no doubt further (and hopefully more interesting) photographs will be added to our blog in due course. For information on the approved design see the following page on our website:

Contemporary new bespoke dwelling, East Morton, Bingley, West Yorkshire

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